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Practice Enhancers helped brand our practice better than we could have ever hoped.Qoute

We are reach patients via tv, online and mail for a fraction of the costs we paid before. Their expertise has really helped our practice. I highly recommend this team.Qoute

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Understanding Market Share and How Your Practice is Affected

Each year there are more and more doctors venturing out to follow their dream of owning their own practice. While this a great endeavor, many practitioners are woefully underprepared and ill-equipped to navigate their way to success. The initial struggles of all new businesses is plain - how do you find and convert new patients. As simple as the question sounds, new patient acquisition (or lack thereof) has been the foremost reason most practices close within the first 2 years. Market share by definition is the percentage of a market (defined in terms of either units or revenue) accounted for by a specific entity.


3 Tips that help in creating a great In-Office Experience

Imagine that every employee in your office cared as much about the success of your business as you. How differently do you think they would talk and interact with patients if they were responsible for making payroll, paying business taxes, purchasing supplies and etcetera? Most providers don’t even think to periodically check in our how their most valuable asset is being treated and unfortunately, it’s the provider that always pays the price when patients aren’t treated properly. Take a firm stance on customer service.


Why Mobile Sites are a Necessity (not just an option)

Google confirmed in June 2013 what they had only hinted at before. Google, in some cases, will reduce a doctors’ website rankings, or even remove it from the search results when searchers are using a mobile device, AND you haven’t delivered an optimized mobile site for them. In many cases, more than 50% of consumers searching for doctors online are using their smart phones. This means that if your practice doesn’t have a mobile optimized website, you and all of your available appointment slots may be invisible.

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